summers, scott

most young kings end up with their heads cut off


all scars aren’t worthy

i don’t know how to pack. someone use to yell at me and tell me what box to put shit in. (at same place, different day)

time to go make stupid decisions with my ex


Print this. Put it on your fridge. Choose which Chris Pratt you want to have as an inspiration and act accordingly. There’s no wrong choice here.


The road you are taking is endlessly long
But why do you clench your teeth and keep going…
what are you still looking for…and why do you keep going?
Although you have no place to go
You can do it.
The road that you are taking leads to hope.

(via anemptyspace)

im pretty miserable right now. someone come smack me please. (at what are these feels)

sometimes u just have to be direct


I don’t really want a relationship but like being intimate with someone physically and emotionally sounds really nice???

why does everyone steal my damn hoodies

i’m just ready to move. and start over again.

i was missing home

but then i opened up facebook and saw all the same drama all the same shit that was happening five years ago when i left, is still happening now. i dont think i’m homesick anymore. i’m good where i’m at.

why am i just now discovering FKA twigs?